To raise an end time army of bible believing Christians whose primary aim will be to celebrate the Risen Christ, care, communicate and utilize their God given gifts and talents to influence and impact the communities with the total gospel and to await Christ's final appearance.


  1. To proclaim Jesus Christ sharing the goodness of Christ's death and resurrection with the unchurched friends and disciple many who accept Him as Saviour.
  2. To build a permanent worship centre of 3500 members (at 'Glory land') into the fellowship of our church; caring, loving, joyful and exemplary Christians.
  3. To provide meaningful and unique worship services through a well-designed Holy Ghost experience.
  4. To serve as a place of honour and dignity where the needs of the hurting, the deprived, the frustrated and the confused can be met; aand find the love of Christ, be warmly accepted, find hope and forgiveness, guidance, counseling and encouragement.
  5. To develope people to attain spiritual excellence through consistent application of God's word in small cell groups, discipline, seminars, retreats and auxiliary groups.
  6. To equip every member for a significant ministry by offering them opportunities to discover and utilize their spiritual gifts an talents through God's leadership.
  7. To establish the necessary structures for a holistic ministry on a 25 plots of land (Glory land), Iocated at kilometer 3.5 Ikoyi-Igbeti Road, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria.
  8. To provide a first class conference hall of 1500 capacity for different religious gathering as in conferences, seminars and social functions.
  9. To put up a multi-purpose standard facilities embodying educational, research library cyber cafe, health clinic, laundry, apublication centre and a restaurant.
  10. To build a 25 Bedroom chalets of international standard for ministers, missionaries and other religious leaders who may want to stop over for refreshment and rest.
  11. To build "HIGH CLASS" primary and secondary schools of excellence.
  12. To construct a "PRAYER CLOSET" for all peole from all walks to freely and regularly set themselves apart to seek the face of God in prayers.