Youth Volume No. 19


Ogundijo Dan Agboola

The youths of today are different from those of the past generations. Their choices, aspirations, dreams, desires and focuses are extremely distinct from those before them. Their challenges are therefore awesome. Many times, the means of meeting these needs are difficult to come by. Youths of today are faced with diverse personal and interpersonal struggles, which most times they themselves cannot explain. Some of the challenges of today’s youths include: gainful employment, fat bank accounts, crave for best spouse, acceptability in their environment, higher educational degrees, travelling abroad, help and support from parents and superiors, internet surfing, beauty, independence, good and exotic foods, sociality, setting of house and many other numerous needs. How can these challenges be met? That is what all parents and Christian leaders must help to find answers to and very quickly. Keep your fingers crossed as these will be unveiled in the subsequent editions of our bi-monthly newsletter. Always remember the Lord your God in the days of your youth, when the evil days have not come, and you will say, I found no pleasure in them!!