Wisdom nugget Volume No. 19

 No matter how small it may seem, your work for Christ has great value.
 People who trust God’s word should be people who can be trusted.
 We can do a lot farther together than we can alone.
 If there’s no harmony in your life, try changing your tune.
 A child of the King shouldn’t live like a slave of the world.
 He who holds the stars in space will surely uphold his saints on earth.
 You can never conquer sin with an excuse.
 Unless Christ is the centre of interest, your life will be out of focus.
 To stay youthful, stay useful.
 There’s no room for double occupancy in the Christian’s heart.
 Christ bears our burdens that we may bear the burdens of others.
 At the beginning of every year commit your life to Christ to have a new beginning.
 The most beautiful people are those who remind us of Christ.
 POVERTY is Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly.