Success Consults Volume No. 19


In the last edition we wrote that decisions are made every day. They are part of life and the making of decisions will land us at specific locations in life. The truth about decisions is that those of yesterday brought us where we are today and where we go tomorrow depends on today’s decisions. There are areas whereby we just must make decisions:

1. Devotional life: - We will always have time for prayers, Bible study and praise but what we do with those times are very important. You may increase the time or reduce it depending on what you have decided to do. Within this limited time, you receive inspiration for better or for worse.
2. Life style: - This relates to your dress code, food, living conditions and how you daily live your life. People say “as you lay your bed, so will you lie in.” I believe it’s a very true saying worthy of consideration. A man’s life style will either lead him to success or failure.
3. Relationship with others: - The Bible says “Evil communications corrupt good manners.” Who are your friends and which group of people do you relate with? Who influences your decisions; vision promoters or vision killers? Progressive people or N.F.As? To advance in life you must make conscious efforts to relate with great men who have ideas and can think straight and right.
4. Economy: - Do you understand the trends of the economy of the land? How do you spend your money? Are your purchases on assets or liabilities? Do you know what to invest your life and wealth on? What proportion of your income is saved and what do you really save for? Do you cut your coat to your size or to your cloth? You just have to think and decide right to advance in life. Don’t just follow the crowd.
5. How your tomorrow will be... Do you plan for the future or everything about you is here and now? What is your life focus? Do you know and understand that life is a process and everything will come to pass in the process of time? How are you working towards your tomorrow? think, decide and plan well today.
My understanding about life is that whoever leaves his life to chances today lives to regret it tomorrow. Consider the lives of these Bible characters- Joseph and Portiphar’s wife- Gen.39. Joseph and Pharaoh- Gen.41. Jonathan and David -1 Samuel 20:24-30 and Lot’s wife- Gen.19:26.