Sunday Messages 2015/06/07


TEXT: Matthew 16:18-19, Rom. 12:3-9.

Every living church belongs to God; not to any living person here on earth. The growth and development of every church depends on its leaders and leadership style. The type of people that really makes the church to grow are her loyal leaders/faithful workers. Good leadership that brings growth is that which is based on team work and spirit.
People can be gifted, professionals with best paper qualifications and experiences, if they are not loyal and faithful, pride will soon set in and the good work destroyed. When that happens the church will not grow both spiritually and numerically. It is loyal people in the church who are most qualified to be leaders. They have to be loyal to God who they serve, to the church where they serve and also to the pastor with whom they serve. Incompetent workers if loyal and humble can learn competency. A competent but disloyal worker or leader will be full of himself and delay growth or destroy the church. God's work requires loyalty in every situation. Whoever does not fit into the three should not be allowed into the church's leadership; God's work will delay and be destroyed.

Why the need for loyalty in the church?
1. Loyalty is a basic qualification for every worker, 1 Corin.4:2
It's only the faithful who are qualified to be leaders in the church of God. They must be loyal to God, the church and the pastor.

2. With loyalty we fight against inside traitors, John 14:30.
When Satan is not able to operate from outside, he makes use of Judases and other betrayers to destroy God's work from within. The traitors within the church become full of murmurings, bitter criticisms, speak against the messages preached and the administration. They complain about everything even though they claim to be part of the workers or leaders. They really don't accept the leadership, yet they are inside. They poison the minds of many with their speeches and deeds. Many times they are full of hatred for just unknown reasons. They draw people to themselves instead of Christ. This is what Loyal leaders must stand against every time even in the open. Response to their attitudes we find in- Pro.22:10, Rom.16:17, Pro.19:13, 21:19, Matt.12:30.

3. Loyalty shows expression of God's love, John 13:35,
The church is the best place to demonstrate God's love. Love attracts and when people love, they flow together. Sheep only drink from still waters. If the water is rough, they are scared, fearing there might be crocodiles. When there is distrust, especially among leaders and workers, church growth is greatly hindered. Ps.23:2. The demonstration of God's love must manifest clearly in the church and among workers. Loyalty among leaders is the only means of showing love that draws visitors and new people into the church.

4. Loyalty helps to enlarge and have a successful ministry
We can't say we have a successful ministry in the absence of loyalty. One man can move fast going alone but can't go very far all alone. Working together with loyal leaders helps enlargement and brings about a successful ministry. It is hence better to work alone than to have a team of disloyal, disgruntled, disunited and dissatisfied people around you. They will indeed jeopardise God's work with their life and attitudes. Are you loyal to God in this church?

5. Loyalty is the only way to have a mega church.
Loyal leaders mind their respective units with enthusiasm- as ushers, cell leaders, choir. Their love for the church and one another helps to invite friends and relations into different activities of the church. They tell good stories of themselves, the church and their pastors. With our target of 3500 capacity auditorium, it's only loyalty among members that will bring this to accomplishment. Members network effectively wherever they are for the church. Today, many big churches are fast disintegrating as a result of lack of loyalty among members and especially leaders. It's a pity.

6. Loyalty helps to have a long lasting ministry.
No man is indispensable; it's only God who can do without us. We must be loyal to build for the future; what we plant today, we harvest tomorrow. The church we are in must continue long after we have left; it's only the loyal leaders that help to preserve this Godly heritage Christ has given us.

7. To reap our full reward.
To hear "well done, good and faithful steward..." we must be loyal and faithful. Those who endure to the end shall be rewarded here on earth by the fruit of their labour and eternally by God. Some left the church when things were tough, they can't come back for shame. We still have a great future as a church, but we need loyal and faithful leaders to make us get there. God is looking for people like Caleb with Joshua,(Num.14:24, 30), Ruth with Naomi (Ruth.1:16-17), Mordecai on king Ahasuerus,(Est.2:21-23), Jonathan with David, (1 Sam.20:13)

Challenge: -
It is satanic for any person to remain in the team of church leadership and still be disloyal. There are only two options for such a person if the wrath of God will not descend fast on him; he is either to change and be loyal, move along in the same spirit or drop his assignment and leave the church. God's work can't be handled just any how. We only need faithful and very loyal people to handle different accepts of God's work for growth. In God's heart loyalty is very crucial in all areas pertaining to his church. Are you loyal to God, his church and the particular assignment before you? Are you loyal to the leadership of this church? Resign your assignment or change because you are a stumbling block to the progress of God's kingdom. But remember God isn't interested in your death.